Authorise with QuickBooks

How to authorise with QuickBooks ?

  • Click on "Add-on" > "Jivrus Integra for Quickbooks" >"Setup".

You get the following screen.

If the user is an BASIC user ,user will be displayed with Upgrade button and if the user is a PRO user and validation period of the user is out of date,then the user will be displayed with Renew button.

  • Click on "Connect to QuickBooks" to get connected to your quick books account
  • Once you click on the "Connect to QuickBooks". It will redirect you to the Quick Books Web Page in a new browser window.
  • You can enter your Credentials to log in to your Quick Books Account

Important Note:

This screen may not appear if you have a popup blocker in your browser. Try allowing the popup in browser or try to open the add-on in Chrome's incognito window. In case of any issues, refer FAQ & Support / reach us.

  • Once You logged in it will ask for Authorization
  • Click on Authorize to Start using "Jivrus Integra for QuicBooks"
  • click "connect button " to connect with QuickBooks.
  • On successful Authorization it will show a message as "Successfully connected with QuickBooks"
  • Finally user may able to see the following image, after that the user can close these tab and can use the add-on and display the results in the spread sheet
  • Once the Authorization is complete you can return to the Add on.