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I am not able to connect to sandbox environment. When I tried to connect to sandbox environment from Jivrus Integra for QuickBooks, I get the following error. Can you help to resolve this?

This means that your QuickBooks account does not have any "Sandbox companies". You will need to create and configure sandbox company in your QuickBooks account and then try to connect it from the Jivrus Integra for QuickBooks add-on.

Please check QuickBooks Sandbox Overview for the documentation from QuickBooks..

On the other hand, you can directly try with Production environment from add-on.

I have setup my query to refresh automatically. But it is not getting refreshed.

To make queries to run automatically, there are two things to be done.

1. Set the flag to run in background (Add-on --> Jivrus Integra for QuickBooks --> Run In Background)

2. For the query that you want to execute automatically, please set the flag 'refresh automatically' in Query

Please check these.

Once these two settings are done, then the query gets automatically executed and the corresponding sheet gets refreshed.

I have setup around 50 queries and set it to run automatically, but only few queries are automatically getting refreshed. Why?

It could be because of the Google's execution limit of 6 minutes. If a automatic refresh executes for more than 6 minutes, Google stops it.

Can you try to split the queries across multiple Google spreadsheets, say a max of 10 queries in a Google sheet?

My query on Item object in QBO is not returning SKU value. It is coming as empty. Why?

Please check whether Item object in QBO is filled with SKU values. In case you are using Sandbox environment, generally SKU is empty. You can update SKU in QBO and query again to get SKU values.


Please check FAQ above and other documentations before making a support request.

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You can send email to support@jivrus.com