How it works?

How to Install?

  • Create new or open any sheet in Google Sheets.
  • Goto menu "Add-on" and click "Get Add-on" and search for "Jivrus Integra for Quickbooks".
  • Install it and start using it.

Jivrus Integra for QuickBooks is an application that integrates QuickBooks with Google Sheets and helps users to get data from several objects and reports into Google Sheet.

Jivrus Integra for QuickBooks is an application that integrates QuickBooks with Google Sheets and helps users to get data from several objects and reports into Google Sheet.

  • QuickBooks objects like Customers, Invoices, Payments etc can be queried to bring the results into Google Sheet.
  • QuickBooks reports like Profit and Loss, Cash Flow etc can be executed to bring the output into Google Sheet.

The Add-on can be reached at Jivrus Integra for QuickBooks Google Sheet Add-On

How to Setup?

  • Click on "Add-on" > "Jivrus Integra for Quickbooks" >"Setup".

You get the following screen.

  • Click on "Connect to QuickBooks" to get connected to your quick books account
  • Once you click on the "Connect to QuickBooks". It will redirect you to the Quick Books Web Page in a new browser window.
  • You can enter your Credentials to log in to your Quick Books Account

Important Note:

This screen may not appear if you have a popup blocker in your browser. Try allowing the popup in browser or try to open the add-on in Chrome's incognito window. In case of any issues, refer FAQ & Support / reach us.

  • Once You logged in it will ask for Authorization
  • Click on Authorize to Start using "Jivrus Integra for QuicBooks"
  • On successful Authorization it will show a message as "Successfully connected with QuickBooks"
  • Once the Authorization is complete you can return to the Add on.
  • The Company Field displays your Company name
  • The Queries Segment Consists of the List of queries that you have executed. If you are Using the sheet for the first time the queries will be empty.
  • Click on "CREATE NEW QUERY" to create new queries
  • Clicking on the edit icon allows you to Re-Authorize and change the company
  • Creating new Query contains 4 Sections
  1. Query
  2. Source
  3. Filter
  4. Destination

1. Query

Give a name to query in the "Query Name" Field.

By clicking on the refresh automatically check box , executes the query for every 1 hour

2. Source

The Source Field Contains 3 Check box

  1. Entities
  2. Reports
  3. Custom
  • Entities

Entities are the quick book objects such as "Account", "Bill", "Customer Details" etc

Select the entity that you want in the "Select Object" dropdown.

  • Reports

Reports are the quick book reports such as "Balance Sheet" , "Vendor Expenses" etc.

Select the report that you want in the "Select Object" dropdown.

  • Custom (Custom Queries)

By selecting the custom query you can write your own query to get data

You have to write your query in the "Custom Query" text box. Custom queries are like SQL that allows user to select specific fields and apply conditions on the result set.

A sample custom query is

SELECT * FROM Customer WHERE GivenName = 'greg' STARTPOSITION  10

Note: Our add-on also supports selecting specific fields using custom query. For example - the below query brings only Name and Classification fields from Account

SELECT Name, Classification FROM Account

Refer QuickBooks documentation for more details on custom queries.

3. Filter

Click on the Add button to add filters

Filter allow you to retrive data based on conditions

Select the Object in the first dropdown

Based on the type of the object it will show you the comparison in the next dropdown

Provide the value to be compared in the next dropdown

For Selected objects there may be predefined values that can be selected . You may not want to enter the Value to filter

  • In the Max Results you can enter the maximum results to be displayed in the sheet

4. Destination

You can save the data in the New Sheet by selecting the new button.

Else You can save on an Existing sheet by clicking on existing button.

The New Sheet name Displays the sheet name based on the source type and the object type.

The Sheet displays the names of the existing sheets. Select the Sheet in which you want to save data


Once you entered the above details you can get the data from your quick books account by clicking on the "GET DATA" button.

If you not want to execute the query. you can click on "GOTO QUERIES LIST" to go back to queries page.

  • Retrieved Data

The Retrieved data will be stored in the the google sheet as shown below