Query invoice and invoice line items

How to query invoice and invoice line items ?

  • After entering query name
  • User should select the Source as "Invoice " to get invoice and invoice line items in the sheets according to destination as per user requirements
  • After filling all requirements which user needs,Please click on "EXECUTE " button to get the retrieve data in the respective sheets.

Once the "EXECUTE " button is clicked, to entities are formed in the sheets

Retrieved data are shown as an image in the below section


This image clearly shows the presents of retrieved data's in the respective sheets


Entity_Invoice_Items is nothing but the order version of data's take from the Entity_invoice sheet

  • Whereas,In Entity_Invoice_Items sheet the data's are displayed in the arranged format
  • Where, Invoice_Items are listed one by one ,by matching with the respective Invoice_Id
  • This will help the user to get the invoice items list in the arranged form in the separate sheet