How to Setup?

When the authorization is completed, the setup page displayed

  • To know about how to authorize in detail, Please click here
  • Once the Authorization is complete you can return to the Add on.
  • The Company Field displays your Company name
  • The Queries Segment Consists of the List of queries that you have executed. If you are Using the sheet for the first time the queries will be empty.
  • Click on "CREATE NEW QUERY" to create new queries
  • Clicking on the edit icon allows you to Re-Authorize and change the company
  • After executing or saving number of query ,the user will found list of query in the "CREATING NEW QUERY" as shown in the image
  • Created query list contains trash button and playback button along with the respective query.
  • whereas, user can execute query by clicking respective playback button and also the user can delete the query from the list appeared ,by clicking respective trash button.
  • Creating new Query contains 4 Sections
  1. Query
  2. Source
  3. Filter
  4. Destination

1. Query

Give a name to query in the "Query Name" Field.

By clicking on the refresh automatically check box , executes the query for every 1 hour

2. Source

The Source Field Contains 3 Check box

  1. Entities
  2. Reports
  3. Custom
  • Entities

Entities are the quick book objects such as "Account", "Bill", "Customer Details" etc

Select the entity that you want in the "Select Object" dropdown.

  • Reports

Reports are the quick book reports such as "Balance Sheet" , "Vendor Expenses" etc.

Select the report that you want in the "Select Object" dropdown.

  • Custom (Custom Queries)

By selecting the custom query you can write your own query to get data

To know how customize query in detail ,Click here

3. Filter

Click on the Add button to add filters

Filter allow you to retrieve data based on conditions

To know how to set filters in detail, click here

4. Destination

You can save the data in the New Sheet by clicking on the Add icon.

Else You can save on an Existing sheet.

The New Sheet name Displays the sheet name based on the source type and the object type.

The Sheet displays the names of the existing sheets. Select the Sheet in which you want to save data

For setting up and Non-setting up the New sheet Section You can use Done and Close Icons


Once you entered the above details then you can get the data from your quick books account by clicking on the "EXECUTE" button.

Once you entered the above details then you can save the data from your quick books account by clicking on the "SAVE" button.

If you not want to execute the query. you can click on "BACK" to go back to queries page.

  • Retrieved Data

The Retrieved data will be stored in the the google sheet as shown below