User Settings

What Is User Settings ?

  • User Settings in Jivrus Integra for Quickbooks is a tab which contains user profile and plan details.
  • User Profile- A user profile is a visual display of personal information associated with a specific user, A profile refers therefore to the explicit digital representation of a person's identity.
  • Mainly it deals with user details like User name, Plan,Email Id and run in background.
  • Go to user profile tab
  • Click on the user settings icon
  • Profile Tab will be displayed along with Run In Background Tab tab.

click on the user settings icon to see the Profile tab as well as Run In Background Tab.


  • Profile section is displayed as shown in the image
  • Therefore, profile section consists of User name, Email id , Plan name and also has validation period
  • whereas, if user is a PRO user ,then the RENEW button will be allowed to be visible and if user is a BASIC user ,then the UPGRADE button will be allowed to be visible
  • If the user needs to renew or to upgrade, please click on the respective buttons

If the user ,click on the RENEW button or UPGRADE button, a payment page will be displayed

Where, you can make payment for your upgrade or renewal process.

Payment page will be auto generated with your email id.

Click On, Buy Now to proceed

Image shown below will be displayed on clicking the Buy Now button.

It redirects to a subscription page ,where you can subscribe and enjoy the plan.